How Brick Endures: Lexington’s History

On my last stay in Kentucky, we drove to Lexington's Distillery District. The skeleton of the James E. Pepper Distillery sprawls across 25 acres. Happily, it's being converted into bars, restaurants, artsy hangouts: entrepreneurial hipsters are claiming its bones, and the city is all the better for it. But I was most interested in the … Continue reading How Brick Endures: Lexington’s History

Cemeteries and Parking Garages

I prefer cemeteries to parking garages. "Why do you have to pick?" I don't have to, but I have anyway: cemeteries. Parking garages are the most sterile use of cement in existence. Parking garages echo. Light is fluorescent—too white, like over-bleached teeth. And in Lima, parking garages seem especially cramped and grey. To build them, … Continue reading Cemeteries and Parking Garages