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Goatman” — Creepy [Nov. 2021]
The Blue Wall” — The NoSleep Podcast [April 2020]


Tack Tack Rumble 
Cough Syrup Magazine [Nov. 2020]

“I am the green marble that sits in the skull of the dead man who worms through your walls.”

A Lemon in the Cattail Weeds 
Fairlight Press Shorts [Sept. 2019]

“When yer momma broke in, she didn’t realize there was a dog.”

Four Months After Herbert Died 
The Saturday Evening Post [April 2019] (Most Popular New Fiction of 2019!)

“Herbert Duppin died quietly.”

Loveliness Increases
Splickety Magazine [June 2018]

“Francis allowed his sister to sit him up. His rawboned arms flexed, and the blues and greens of his veins splayed like spider webs across his helpless, upturned wrists.”


A Kentucky Writer Quarantined in Peru” — The Montana Mouthful [Oct. 2020]
A Parable of Grief” — The Sunlight Press [July 2020]


Five Women in a Cramped Shuttle” & “The Ticket” — House of Zolo [Nov. 2021]
A Vet’s Office in Peru” — Third Estate Art [Sept. 2020]
Recipe for Birth-Giving” — SCUM Magazine [Aug. 2020]
Ghost of the Tortoise’s Caregiver” — Songs of Eretz [June 2020]
Madame Rosio Holds a Seánce” — 34 Orchard [April 2020]
Most Nymphs” — The Threepenny Review [Feb. 2020]
Yūrei of a Yatai Chef” — ParABnormal Magazine [Feb. 2020]
A Dinner Party in August of 2219 C.E.” — Eye to the Telescope [Jan. 2020]
Salome Danced” — The Ekphrastic Review [Dec. 2019]

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The (Other) Blog

La Colorada: A Kentucky Girl in Peru is about my life abroad. My blog was recognized by “Expats Blog: An Experienced Shared” and My focus is here now, but you can still read about the adventures that have inspired me.