The Blue Wall” — The NoSleep Podcast [April 2020]


A Lemon in the Cattail Weeds 
Fairlight Press Shorts [Sept. 2019]

“When yer momma broke in, she didn’t realise there was a dog. It was dark out, wintertime.”

Four Months After Herbert Died 
The Saturday Evening Post [April 2019] (Most Popular New Fiction of 2019!)

“Herbert Duppin died quietly. Hunched over another heinous tax form for another nagging client, Herbert had been irritated to see the numbers blurring on the page. But then the dour-faced accountant had felt a slight twitch somewhere in his head.”

Loveliness Increases
Splickety Magazine [June 2018]

“Francis allowed his sister to sit him up. His rawboned arms flexed, and the blues and greens of his veins splayed like spider webs across his helpless, upturned wrists. He admired the patterns as Sarah used her free hand to stack the embroidered pillows behind him.”


A Kentucky Writer Quarantined in Peru” — The Montana Mouthful [Oct. 2020]

A Parable of Grief” — The Sunlight Press [July 2020]


A Vet’s Office in Peru” — Third Estate Art [Sept. 2020]

Recipe for Birth-Giving” — SCUM Magazine [Aug. 2020]

Ghost of the Tortoise’s Caregiver” — Songs of Eretz [June 2020]

Madame Rosio Holds a Seánce” — 34 Orchard [April 2020]

Most Nymphs” — The Threepenny Review [Feb. 2020]

Yūrei of a Yatai Chef” — ParABnormal Magazine [Feb. 2020]

A Dinner Party in August of 2219 C.E.” — Eye to the Telescope [Jan. 2020]

Salome Danced” — The Ekphrastic Review [Dec. 2019]

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