“Four Months After Herbert Died”
The Saturday Evening Post (April 2019) –

Herbert Duppin died quietly. Hunched over another heinous tax form for another nagging client, Herbert had been irritated to see the numbers blurring on the page.”

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“Dr. Lindley’s Jungle Vision”
– Tell-Tale Press (December 2018) –

Dr. Charles Lindley left the jungle atop a bamboo stick stretcher. It took four grown men to carry him out, and seven to wrestle him onto the stretcher in the first place.”

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“Loveliness Increases”
Splickety Magazine‘s “Heirs and Spares” issue (June 2018) –

“Francis allowed his sister to sit him up. His rawboned arms flexed, and the blues and greens of his veins splayed like spider webs across his helpless, upturned wrists.”

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Whatever Walked There (under construction)

Tentatively entitled Whatever Walked There, Jessica Federle’s in-progress book series follows Lucy Welch, an undergrad student who starts off sitting on her campus quad at 3 a.m., flunked out and broke. When Jane Shinter, a severe small business manager who oversees freelancers with “extramundane” talents, discovers her, Lucy receives a fabulous job offer.

As Jane pushes Lucy towards a new view of the world, Lucy grapples with diverse and often-conflicting perspectives about how to deal with what just won’t stay dead. And as Lucy’s own talents start to become more evident, she also comes to realize that Jane is driven by more than just an obsession with discovery.

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The (Other) Blog

Recognized by “Expats Blog: An Experienced Shared” and as a great site for folks living abroad in South America, La Colorada features a range of colorful posts and photos about life in Peru. Inevitably, the vibrant culture and stories from her husband’s home country are bleeding into her writing as well.