“The Sea Makes Fools of Us All” [May 2020]
Tell-Tale Press (Nabu Carnevale Anthology)
“Edna Elizabeth Franziport sat by herself at a table for two. Chandeliers bathed the cruise ship’s deserted dining hall in soft light.”

Four Months After Herbert Died [April 2019]
The Saturday Evening Post (Rated “Most Popular Story of 2019”)
“Herbert Duppin died quietly. Hunched over another heinous tax form for another nagging client, Herbert had been irritated to see the numbers blurring on the page.”

Dr. Lindley’s Jungle Vision [Dec. 2018]
Tell-Tale Press
Dr. Charles Lindley left the jungle atop a bamboo stick stretcher. It took four grown men to carry him out, and seven to wrestle him onto the stretcher in the first place.”

Loveliness Increases [June 2018; Sept. 2019]
Splickety Magazine
Tell-Tale Press [Reprint]
“Francis allowed his sister to sit him up. His rawboned arms flexed, and the blues and greens of his veins splayed like spider webs across his helpless, upturned wrists.”


“Madame Rosio Holds a Seánce” [Forthcoming 2020]
34 Orchard

Most Nymphs” [Feb 2020]
The Threepenny Review

Yūrei of a Yatai Chef” [Feb 2020]
ParABnormal Magazine (Print only)

A Dinner Party in August of 2219 C.E.” [Jan. 2020]
Eye to the Telescope

Salome Danced” [Dec. 2019]
The Ekphrastic Review

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