Works in Progress

Welcome to the genre-hopping madness of my works-in-progress list.

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[Sci-fi novella]

“What the other witnesses say is right. It’s like the world around these things gets pinched. Ever heard concert speakers get tested? When they start buzzing, real deep? So deep your lungs are vibrating? It’s like that. Not a sound though. More like a feeling you hear with your skin.”

In a series of 78 posts to a conspiracy forum, RanHard81 updates his online comrades on behalf of InuKa29, a forum friend who is struggling to write his own posts—the stray A.I.-Sapien that’s stalking InuKa29 is growing more persistent, more flexible… even creative.

DAID insists that A.I.-Sapiens can’t exist, not anymore: during The Event, which consumed thousands of lives, A.I.-S technology was destroyed. DAID was formed to prevent any further exploration of

Yet in the year since his own AI-S sighting, RanHard81 has found true friends on the forum. DAID regulations be damned: These AI-driven monsters, a result of DAID’s own dark history, are real.

Status: Complete. I’ve just begun querying!

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In this collection, each poem is “spoken” by a ghost: an Old West prostitute, the custodian of an old planetarium, an opera singer… Each ghost is bound to earth by a single string: a desire, a wish, a regret, an unanswered question. Much as ghosts themselves undermine the life–death binary, each ghost’s “voice” is used to deconstruct other alleged binaries: morality, faith, gender, beauty, etc.

Status: My goal is 25 poems. I have 11. Chugging along… Find me on Scribophile if you’d like a peek at the drafts!

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[YA series]

“Before they could back out of the room, a shadow shimmered into view along the far wall. The shadow blurred and undulated, like the shadows cast in dark aquarium rooms. But it betrayed enough.”

Lucy Welch is a broke college dropout. But as she sits on her campus quad at 3 a.m., drunkenly mulling over her new reality, Jane Shinter calls out to her. The next morning, Lucy learns that Jane is a small business manager who oversees freelancers with “extramundane” talents… and Jane has a job opening.

As Jane pushes Lucy toward a new world view, Lucy grapples with diverse and often-conflicting perspectives about what won’t stay dead. And as Lucy’s own talents start to manifest, she also begins to realize that Jane is driven by more than just an obsession with discovery.

Status: 75,000 words (Book #1). The draft is still taking shape. The arc for the series is roughly outlined.